Gnomes posted to the Indie Design Giftalong group


There are so many fabulous gnomes popping up in my Instagram feed and on Ravelry! 🍄❤️🍄

When I designed the pattern I just knew I seemed to have an itch I couldn’t scratch…but I had no idea they’d affect so many people the same way. It’s been an utterly delightful second half of 2017 as you guys have taken up these whimsical and delightful fellows and made them your own. Gnatasha, Gnicholas, and Gnorbert are all excited to see how large their family has grown.


These eight gnomes were entered in the Indie Design Giftalong and I’m sharing them with the knitters’ permission. Aren’t they inspiring? Gift knitting is my priority right now, but oh my sweet beard do I want to cast on gnomes!

Browse the projects on Ravelry.

Browse the #nevernotgnoming hashtag on Instagram.

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