Indie Design Gift-A-LongChristalLittleK joins us today for our chat.

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What excites you about the GAL? What’s your favourite part? 

All this emulation. I’m amazed by all this fun. It radiates happiness. Being a designer is not easy everyday because for most of us we’re alone all the time. And this event creates a lot of connections between us. All around the world.

What makes you excited about being a designer? What part of the process do you find rewarding? 

The creative part: starting from scratch, from a skein of yarn and creating a garment that fits someone. And something that is unique.

And what part do I find rewarding? When I see my designs knitted by knitters and that knitters enjoy knitting my patterns.

What inspires you? 

Finding inspiration in colors, “haute couture”, fashion, nature, architecture (amongst so many other things, I was originally inspired to design as a way to connect my heritage (learning to knit from my grandmère 25 years ago) with my future by bringing modern style and techniques to a decidedly old-fashioned culture of European knitting

Are you a full-time or part-time designer?

I’m a full-time designer now. Since almost two years.

Are you a big gift knitter? What’s your favourite knitting to give?

Not at all, I knit for my family or for people who can measure the value of knitted pieces, so most of the time for people who are crafters too (knitters, sewers, crocheters).


If someone were to knit you a present, what would you most love to receive? 

A pair of socks! It seems weird but I hate knitting socks :lol:. I have second sock syndrome! And now that I’m in my 40’s, my feet are always cold.

Tell us about your favourite yarn. 

I don’t have a favourite yarn. I love discovering different textures, touch, spinning. But I definitively prefer natural fibres. I’m not a big fan of acrylic.

Giftalong Interview with ChristalLittleK