Patterns and KAL

  • ImaginKnitting KAL

Official hashtag is imagiknittingkal19, not imagiknittingkal2019

If you’re inspired to knit more than one project, come share it in our crafting thread!


  • Sweet Georgia in Cayenne
  • Patterns from BostonJen, KnittingDaddy, and HeyBrownBerry
  • 2 $25 gift cards from Ann Tudor
  • 2 sets of stitch markers from listener FuzzyNerdKnitter
  • $25 gift certificate from Holly Press Fibers
  • GRAND PRIZE: $100 gift certificate from Wolseley Wools!

KAL runs Dec 26- March 31. Projects must be cast on and finished in that time period to qualify to enter to win one of the Grand Prizes.  Chatter prizes as usual!

Are We There Yet?  


  • Impervious!!  – 4th skein is a bit lighter than the other three, but there’s no way to alternate, so continuing on it is!
    • Had an Impervious date with a friend, was very quiet
  • Robin – Still picking away at it
  • Raina – on second brioche section. Yay!!


On the Horizon


On the Knitted Path


  • Yarn shopping in TO: two days of shopping, 5 yarn stores. Still didn’t get to them all! Missed Purple Purl and new one The Knitting Loft.
    • New to me PassionKnit – lovely atmosphere, sweet staff, had my gnomes as a kit and I couldn’t breathe, and a nice selection
    • EweKnit – love how big and varied it is, but haven’t once felt welcomed there. I always feel like a customer and never a knitter.
    • Knit-O-Matic – lovely welcoming people, always time to sit and knit
    • Romni Wools – massive but visually yuck and overwhelming but alllll the yarn
    • Yarns Untangled – near Kensington Market, perfect for visitors to TO, good selection, plus focus on Canadian brands
  • Curiosa Society – so Harry Potter!
  • Bought yarn for my sock goals! 3 colourways of TurtlePurl – Canada’s best self-striping yarn.
  • Splurge on Mineville DK in a white with blue speckles. Should show texture and cables like a dream

Off the Knitted Path


Bakka Phoenix book haul


Board games

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