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Gnatalie is gnome around the world as a pre-eminent author of gardening advice, and her “Toadstools for Everyday” and “Fungus, Flowers, and Fun” are Gnew York Times bestsellers.

Partner dyers offering sets of minis – they’ve seen Gnatalie

  • First clue Mar 11, last clue Mar 25, last day to post FO picture for grand prize on Ap 9.
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  • Winnipeggers or local folks: Discussion on white privilege on Tuesday, February 26 at the Millennium Library, 7pm in the Buchenwald room. Led by Anna of Long Way Homestead. Working through Layla F Saad’s Me and White Supremacy workbook. See you there?
  • So You Want to Talk about Race? By Ijeoma Olou
  • Solidarity Swap – the goal is to support the work of BIPOC designers, yarn dyers, etc. in our knitting community.

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Episode 64: shenanigans to ensue