I loved the process of sending out the December MKAL gnome last year so much. Energy, community, and joy seemed to magnify all that was good in the world.

Of course, for me it was more in the spirit of the giver than the receiver. And this year I wanted both. I want to send a daily dose of specialness into the world and I want to open up a dose of excitement.

So in January, I knit 24 small gnomes (Let’s be honest. I knit more than that. Who can stop at 24? I’ve given some away, and displayed others.) I used the Gnaomi version of the Gno Fun Like Gnome Fun pattern – a pattern designed for gnome beginners, and people who want tiny gnomes, and people who want to knit a gnome a gnight every evening for a month.

I gathered a restricted palette of fingering weight and DK weight yarns, and just went at it. Improvising. Riffing. Bearding. (10/10 – highly recommended)

I ordered coilless safety pins and attached them.

I ordered numbered bags from Hunter Kouture, a Canadian shop on Etsy.  (Link to the bags I ordered)

three little knit gnomes lay between two piles of numbered cloth bags

I had way too much trouble narrowing down the garland options. Goodness me, there are a lot of garlands. Eventually I went with a felt ball garland from Pink Butterfly Designz, another Canadian Etsy find. (Link to the garland I ordered)

tiny knit gnomes from Imagined Landscapes Gno Fun Like Gnome Fun pattern scattered about on a wool pompom and holly leaves garland

The plan: someone in this house will place the gnomes in the bags. I’ll hang the bags up somewhere. I admit: this part I’m still fuzzy on. (Our gnome-killing, highly creative, and athletic cats put a crimp on my options here.)

Then I’ll open one each day, making cooing noises as appropriate and declaring each one my new favourite. I’ll hang it from the garland. I’ll stand back, sigh, and feel pretty heckin’ satisfied with life.

Gnomes and garland and joy, oh my

It’s not too late to join me: the Gno Fun Like Gnome Fun pattern really does make knitting gnomes a quick proposition!

My Gnome Advent Project