Ravenclaw yarn from Norah George Yarns House Crest sock yarn club

Norah George Yarns posted about a Hogwarts House Crest sock yarn club on Instagram. I mentioned it to my sister. Next thing I knew we were talking about how many Canadian dollars equalled a pound. (Thankfully that was before the dollar started doing a nose-dive.)

We got Ravenclaw first. Which sent me into a bit of a internet search to find out why the book colours are Bronze and Blue but they changed them for the movies. (To save you a similar trek, it sounds like bronze and blue just didn’t show up well on camera.)

I picked up a pair of Carbonz DPNs to try out while I was in Toronto. I like working with them so far, but I’m used to the flexibility and bounce of wooden needles so I’m not sure exactly how I feel about them. I’ll need more time to figure that out, and with pretty much 2 whole socks yet to make I don’t have to worry about that!

new month, new socks on the (new) needles
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