Subtle textures, easy to customize, one skein of beautiful yarn…introducing the Prairie Hills Shawl.


Prairie Hills Shawl - a knitting pattern from Imagined Landscapes Design

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Like the prairies, this shawl features simple details that add up to a beautiful whole. Garter stitch, stockinette, reverse stockinette, twisted stitch columns, a half-twisted stitch column…subtle stitches that sometimes need a second look, just like my home landscape.

I can’t go further without saying thank you. Thank you to those of you who voted and chose this incredible photograph as the inspiration for the Prairie Autumn Collaboration! Thank you to my father, who let me use this incredible picture to begin with. And thank you to Danie of One Twisted Tree Yarns, who picked the straw bale for her inspiration and literally turned straw into gold for the new Prairie Gold colourway! (Go ahead and grab it here!)

PACE - Prairie Autumn Creative Exploration

It’s another one of those colours that is hard to capture consistently – but that is just because it’s such a living colour, so responsive to the lighting and surroundings.

Perfect for using a treasured single skein, the shawl is knit side-to-side with instructions for maximizing yarn use. The hills are created with simple increases and decreases, no cabling is involved. The fringe is made by knitting extra stitches as you go and then unravelling them – so easy! This version has beads added to the fringe for that little bit of weight and sparkle.


Prairie Hills Shawl

Size: 57″/146cm wide, 16″/40.5 cm deep (+ 3″/7.5cm fringe)

Instructions are included for modifying the shawl to use any amount of yarn, and I give you options for a crescent shape, an asymmetrical triangle, and a longer, skinnier triangle. Look in the project pages on Ravelry for test knitters’ versions of these modifications!

Skills Used
•knit and purl
•kfb, M1R
•twisted sts
•k2tog, ssk, twisted ssk
•beading with crochet hook (optional)

Notions: darning needle, stitch markers, at least 90 6/0 beads (optional) (approx. 1 0.31 oz. / 9g tube), crochet hook small enough to fit through the hole in beads (optional)

25% off until midnight, Dec 14th: Prairie Hills Shawl 

As subtle and stunning as the prairie hills - a shawl design from Imagined Landscapes Designs


Prairie Hills Shawl
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